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Life has become stressful and difficult these days and it is work and only work round the clock. Sex is one de-stressing factor and when this is not done satisfactorily it adds up to the existing stress. One major reason for this incomplete recreation might be the penis size. Some men suffer with small penile size thus disturbing their sex life. A small penis might hinder the amount and rate at which the required blood flows in to the organ. This situation can be easily corrected and there are many devices and methods on the market that can set this right and enhance your sexual relationship. Look at your options below, or see more tips on how to make your dick bigger.

Penis pumps these pumps are mainly for men in whom the penile size is a problem due to poor sugar metabolism and a bad blood circulation. These pumps when clamped to the organ properly will enable the cock to erect properly and ejaculate to complete the process. This will help in providing pleasure to both the sexes.

In few men, when none of these methods and devices in market helps to give the expected results, the only option is to go for a surgery. This is called Phalloplasty. This method includes injecting fat into the penis to give it a bigger size. This is not a very successful method because in some cases it has led to serious problems and is a failure in many cases. Fact is that surgery cannot increase the penile size, will not support proper erection and definitely will not aid pleasurable sex relationship but will only lead to scar formation and a bad looking penis. It might sometimes make the intercourse painful for both the male and female and instead of assisting the process, will only make it a strained one.

An ancient method of enlarging the penis is the weight lifting method. This is still followed by some tribe communities in the African countries. Though stated as an effective method, in reality it might not give the desired results because the length might increase over time but the thickness actually decreases. It also hampers the regular blood flow into the organ.

All the above methods and devices might favorably aid in penile enlargement, but it is important that you get to know the facts and delusions about each before going with one. Our best suggestion is to knock down all these artificial methods and go for the natural therapies which satisfactorily increases the size or atleast aid the organ with more stamina during the intercourse giving the original feel and joy.


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