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How Can We Quieten Our Mind?

Our mind creates different sorts of scenarios or the collection of our memories, beliefs, experiences and emotional responses. We often view the world or the situations were in through these limiting scenarios. We are stucked in the repeated scenarios that belong to the past and the future. The pain we feel turns into suffering and minds chatter looks like as if it feeds itself with the wounds that have never healed.

Stop Breathing

When we feel that our minds chatter is like a bomb which is about to explode every moment, we can take a deep breath and hold our breath for as long as we can. Without breathing, everything stops to work. This symbolic act of dying is a great reminder of our short life. We dont want to spend it in fears, worries and doubts. Our breath is the simplest and most important thing in our life. There is no life without it. How we breathe, means also how we live. The quality of our lives depends on our breaths. Are our breaths shallow or deep, free or obstructed, light or heavy? When the period of holding our breath ends, we breathe out with a sense of a great relief and release all the tension we feel. Then, we breathe in deeply with a sense of an openness to a new, expanding and fulfilling energy.

Deep Breathing

Another way to quieten the constant chatter of our mind is to be aware of our breaths and to start breathing deeply and slowly. Firstly, we breathe in deeply and slowly as much air as we can until it fills completely our lungs. Then, we breathe out in the same way by pushing out as much air as we can. We repeat this deep breathing for a while. After that, we continue to breathe consciously and feel the free flow of energy throughout our whole body.

Sensing Nature

The more time we spend in the park, forest, close to the river or more generally, in the nature, the more aware, fulfilled and happier we are. Observing nature around us with our senses is the best relaxation for our overworking mind and body. Noticing the dew drops on the tips of the grass blades, feeling the cold breeze on our face, feeling the touching surface of the ground, hearing the birds songs, smelling the mint in the grass and so many other things bring us to here and now. The annoying thoughts melt away in the mighty presence of the nature. We feel the natural stillness that was buried for a very long time by our inner talk. We feel alive and present and guided sleep meditation can take us on a journey that can be out of this world.


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